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Digital Base Zone Electronics Repair is an electronics repair shop in London we offer electronic repair of Amplifier, Sound processor(FX), EQ, mixer, mixing Desk, CD decks, active speakers, EQ, DJ Equipment, Pro video Camera, Media Player, HD T.Vs, and Gadget. Smoke machine, Digital drums, Keyboard. PC, Laptop and Vintage audio. We serve retail, corporate, dealers, hotels, music industries, home, governmental, agencies, religious, organizations.
In home service call (+44) 07909-660-114 or at our Internet special request service order! Our service and repair's is at low prices and fully guaranteed.

Letraset equipments Repaire

www.dbzelectronics offer's repair services for all types of Audio/Visual equipment for home and professional use.

Service Letraset Devices

Digital Base Zone Electronics is a fully authorized service center.

We Give You

High Reliability Repairing Service.

For over a decade, we have been servicing and repairs customers a reliable service for both personal and professional, equipment’s with our skills and preferences.

Our business company is divided in to three parts such as Industrial Solutions service, Building prototype, Inversion technology Solution.




We have a good reputation about quality service and guarantee. We always try to give the best electronic repairing service to our customers.


D.B.Z. Has a very qualified and expert technician and support team to assist the customers.

After Service

We offer a certain period of time to check service quality. Our after sales service team always work hard to give you the best service.

100% Satisfaction

Our goal is to offer the best guaranteed service to our clients accordingly.

Our Service and Repairs

We mostly provide a repair estimate for all kinds of devices. All our Repairs are inspected by an Independent in our inspection department, all features checked. All repair Work is Guaranteed for 3-5 months from repaired date. Only Original Manufacturer Spare Parts are fitted unless otherwise stated for other. All repairs are carried out in our own fully equipped workshop in London.


DBZ.Electronics has been providing high quality repair and technical services to the professional audio, broadcast,music institutions and discerning individuals.


We specialise in Pioneer audio products, CDJ's, Mixers, and more.

We also have a fantastic ability to service technics SL 1200 and 1210 models to tip top condition at a fantastic rate.


DBZ Electronics can offer you a quick and easy way to get your smoke machine serviced with total peace of mind with our highly trained engineers.


We offer repairs to: • Drum Triggering Problems • HH Pedal sensor •

Kick Pedal sensor • Sound Module Repairs • LCD display failure • Jack sockets Line Outputs • .

We Repair

DBZelectronics offers a highly efficient service in the repair of the following equipment.

Our aim is to ensure our clients to get the best guaranteed service repairs from us by providing a fast response and affordable service.

What People Say


    DBZ-Electronics is an authorized electronics center With specialized technicians they’re very quick in completing repairs


    I like their Pick-up service from your door,


    WOW! D.B.Z.Electronics they do accept repairs by post as long as the customer covers the shipping cost.


    Specialized technicians and their service and repairs are at low prices and fully guaranteed

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